#41-Get a Lever and Pick Any Turtle: Lifting with Metadata

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Speaker: Cade Roux

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Date and Time: 11/16/2010 11:30:00 AM CST

BIO: Cade Roux, is the recent founder of Rose Crescent, a software and systems consultancy in New Orleans. He has been a professional programmer since 1992, and a user of SQL Server since 1997, managing IT operations at all levels of organizations. He has broad experience in several lines of business, including Route Accounting, Medical and Banking and technical exposure ranging from C/C++ to T-SQL, from the Windows API to Data Warehousing. He loves building great systems and great teams.

Topic: #41-Get a Lever and Pick Any Turtle: Lifting with Metadata
Integrated metadata is a required element of all RDBMSs. In addition to ANSI INFORAMTION_SCHEMA and metadata on implementation-specific features like indexes, SQL Server also offers a very powerful extended properties feature. In this talk, I cover using the basic metadata combined with extended properties and demonstrate practical usage to organize and document a system's design and monitor the health of a system's compliance with design rules.