October 2012 SQL Lunches

#72-Ready Steady Catch!

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Speaker: Julie Koesmarno

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BIO: Julie Koesmarno is a consultant in SQL and BI space at LobsterPot Solutions, with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology specializing in software development. She has over 8 years of commercial experience in SQL Server for large-scale and multi-million-dollar OLTP and ETL projects as a SQL Server developer and system analyst/designer. Her recent project includes implementing a pilot Data Warehouse project using SQL Server 2012, with Tabular Model. She regularly blogs (www.mssqlgirl.com) on SQL Server and BI, particularly Tabular Model.

Topic: #72-Ready Steady Catch!
SQL Server 2005 introduced TRY - CATCH mechanism to handle errors, a significant improvement to its predecessor manual error handling. In SQL Server 2012 , the error handling feature has been further enriched, to be a step closer to error handling that you can commonly see in other programming languages such as C#. This session will go through fundamental steps to error handling in SQL Server 2012 and how to incorporate this as part of your coding standard.