May 2013 SQL Lunches

#75-GeoFlow: 3D Geospatial Visualization

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Speaker: Julie Koesmarno

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BIO: Julie Koesmarno is a consultant in SQL and BI space at LobsterPot Solutions, with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology specializing in software development. She has over 8 years of commercial experience in SQL Server for large-scale and multi-million-dollar OLTP and ETL projects as a SQL Server developer and system analyst/designer. Her recent project includes implementing a pilot Data Warehouse project using SQL Server 2012, with Tabular Model. She regularly blogs ( on SQL Server and BI, particularly Tabular Model.

Topic: #75-GeoFlow: 3D Geospatial Visualization
Have you seen PowerView map features? Do you think it is cool because of its self-service BI aspect and ease of use? Wait until you see this 3D Geospatial Visualization tool called GeoFlow (Preview). In this session, you will learn how to use GeoFlow. You will learn some of the limitations of the Preview version of GeoFlow. Finally, you will learn how to transform location based data into, more than just a report, but a visually engaging tour!