June 2010 SQL Lunches

#20-Warehouse Disk Layout 101

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Speaker: Stefan Bauer

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BIO: Stefan Bauer is a Data Warehouse Administrator at marketing company in Richmond VA. He has worked in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing since the late 1990’s on a variety of platforms. Stefan has created warehouse and business intelligence solutions for banking, retail, and marketing companies. Currently working in SQL Server 2008, Stefan provides insight into hardware architecture, database modeling, as well as developing in Integration Services, Analysis Services and Reporting Services. In addition to traditional development, Stefan enjoys teaching topics on architecture, database administration and performance tuning.

Topic: #20-Warehouse Disk Layout 101
Data Warehouse load patterns, schema design, queries are all different than OLTP systems, shouldn’t your storage solution be different too? This session will take a high-level look some terms, physical disk layout, and partitioning. This introduction should give a starting place for monitoring, as well as some concrete information for configuration recommendations.

#22-Adding Columns to a Large Table with Transactional Replication and Database Mirror

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Speaker: Thomas LeBlanc

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BIO: Thomas is a Senior SQL Server DBA at Turner Industries in Baton Rouge, LA. and has worked in the IT field since 1989 starting with COBOL dBase, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, VB 3 thru 6 and .Net(C#). Designing and developing Normalized & Dimensional databases has become his passion. Full-time DBA work started in 2002 at a paper mill. He has been blessed with speaking at SQLRally and SQLPass in 2011 as well as SQLSaturdays and the local Baton Rouge User Group since 2009. Thomas’ free time is spent helping other & improving his relationship with his family & God. He blogs at TheSmilingDBA.Blogspot.com and tweets under @TheSmilingDBA.

Topic: #22-Adding Columns to a Large Table with Transactional Replication and Database Mirror
SQL Server 2005 updated replication with the ability to have schema changes replicated to subscriptions. This seemed to be a great solution to custom software releases. You could ALTER a table and the changes would magically appear on the subscriber. Life was great. Also in 2005, database mirroring came along to help with High Availability to a Disaster Recovery site. Life got even better. The problem is with large tables and Tlog heavy changes. This is a step by step process we use to release software to these large tables.