June 2009 SQL Lunches

#48-Introduction to SQL DMVs

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Speaker: William Assaf

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BIO: William Assaf is a SQL server architect and database administrator and consultant for Sparkhound, Inc. in Baton Rouge, LA. He blogs on SQL Server at http://sqltact.blogspot.com, where you can find slides and code examples.

Topic: #48-Introduction to SQL DMVs
What are DMV's in SQL 2005/2008, and how can you use them to improve query performance, discover indexing needs and more? Dynamic Management Views are essential tools for the SQL 2005/2008 administrator but have a wide range of applications by developers, network engineers and DBAs. An overview of the key Dynamic Management Objects in SQL Server 2005 and 2008, including plenty of code examples and scenarios on how and when to use them to gain insight to your server's performance.