February 2011 SQL Lunches

#47-Introduction to Change Data Capture

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Speaker: Patrick LeBlanc

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BIO: Patrick LeBlanc is a Microsoft SQL Server and Business Intelligence Technical Solution Professional. He has written several blogs and articles on his blog at http://patrickdleblanc.com, www.sqlservercentral.com and www.bidn.com. Along with his 10+ years experience he holds a Masters of Science degree from Louisiana State University. He is the author and co-author of four SQL Server books. His past work experiences include Sr. Consultant at Pragmatic works and Database Architect at several companies. Prior to joining Microsoft he was awarded Microsoft MVP award for his contributions to the community.

Topic: #47-Introduction to Change Data Capture
In this session Patrick will introduce the basic concepts for configuring Change Data Capture (CDC). He will explain how to configure CDC at the database level and for each table within the database. In addition, Patrick will explain a few techniques that can be that can be used to load your Data Warehouse Incrementally with CDC.