December 2010 SQL Lunches

#44-Learning SSIS under 1 hour

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Speaker: Jose Raul Chinchilla

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BIO: Jose Chinchilla is a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator and Business Intelligence Developer working as a BI consultant for Convergence Consulting Group, a Tampa based full service consulting firm. Jose has12+ years of experience in IT and has focused his career in OLTP and OLAP database design, development and administration and specializes in ETL/ELT, Data Warehousing and Multidimensional Analysis using SQL Server 2008 BI tools. He is also the current president of the Tampa Bay area Business Intelligence User Group and Official PASS Chapter. He is an avid twitterer under the @SQLJoe handle and blogs at

Topic: #44-Learning SSIS under 1 hour
Need to know what is the corresponding SSIS transformation or task to a specific T-SQL statement? How do you accomplish Unions, Joins, and Merges in SSIS? How do you do CASE statements in SSIS? How do you group and aggregate data in SSIS? In this session I will cover the some of the most important SSIS control flow and data flow tasks to jump start DBAs and Developers into SSIS with SQL Server 2008-R2. At the end of this interactive demo, you will be able to identify what control flow tasks and data flow transformations can be used in place of T-SQL statements and scripts. I will also cover how to accomplish in SISS: • Basic SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE statements • Inner and Outer joins • CAST and CONVERTS • CASE statement • Sorting, Grouping and Aggregate functions (SUM, COUNT, MAX, AVG) • MERGE and Unions • Loops (WHILE)